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An unquenchable Birders’ paradise, Marrick Safari is a permanent or seasonal home to an overwhelming abundance of birdlife.

Regular bird enthusiasts from throughout the country, and indeed from all over the world, return frequently to Marrick in order to catch a glimpse of the Blue Crane (South Africa’s national bird), the African Fish Eagle or the very rare Doublebanded Courser.

The Marrick Pan, when full of water, is literally a bird magnet for a large variety of water-borne species such as the Egyptian Goose, South African Shellduck or the Blackheaded Heron, not to mention the population of Greater and Lesser Flamingo which, when the future plan for year-round water in the pan reaches fruition, will become perpetual inhabitants of this exclusively pristine wetland environment.

We understand and recognise how passionate dedicated birders are, a quality shared by owner Trevor.



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