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With over 3000 hectares of pristine African savannah veld at your disposal, Marrick Safari has plenty to offer in terms of excitement, adventure, sporting activities or more relaxing pursuits. At Marrick, there is indeed “something for everybody”.


Game Viewing

Arrange for a guided 4x4 game drive, which may include breakfast in the bush or sundowners providing spectacular views overlooking the Pan – and sighting of the renowned African sunset is virtually guaranteed! Well-established herds of indigenous Springbok, Gemsbok (Oryx), Eland, Wildebeest, Zebra, Giraffe and many other plains species occur on the reserve. Additionally, our exclusive night drives offer a particularly unique and exciting insight into the world of nocturnal animal activity – keep your eyes open for Porcupine, Aardvark or the rare Smith’s Red Rock Hare. Click on Wildlife to discover the huge variety of fauna awaiting you.



Go off the beaten track and follow the same game trails our ancestors have been following for centuries, as they trekked into the African interior. Hiking is perhaps the best way to get truly up close and personal with Marrick’s treasure trove of plants, birds and animals.



To say that Marrick is a birder’s paradise would be an understatement. At the last count (of waterbirds only) on 8 July 2009, over 27 bird species were identified, with a total population of just over 1655. Marrick is home to Flamingo Pan, an ephemeral pan playing host to geese, duck and flamingo in season as well as the most famous of Africa’s aquatic avian residents, the African Fish Eagle. We are also proud to have a breeding pair of Blue Crane, South Africa’s national bird, returning annually to Marrick. Click (here) for a comprehensive bird list compiled by noted ornithologist Mark Anderson, or go to Birdlife to find out more.



Marrick’s extensive network of gravel roads and veld paths provide the ideal opportunity for mountain bike enthusiasts to not only get a great workout, but to get closer to nature at the same time. Bikes are available to hire, but feel free to bring your own cycle if you prefer. Marrick has become a regular, popular host for mountain bike events, the most challenging of which is the Marrick Mountain Bike Challenge staged annually in September. This is a 3-day, 245 km event, 75 km of which is completed on Marrick.

Shooting range

The NCHA accredited shooting range located on Marrick is the ideal place for skeet shooting and target practise. It also offer the perfect opportunity to check your rifle before the hunting season.


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