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Marrick is an hour by air from Johannesburg, slightly more from Cape Town.

Scheduled Airlines: South African Express (a South African Airways subsidiary) has regular flights from Johannesburg to Kimberley. South African Airlink flies between Kimberley and Cape Town. Flights to Bloemfontein (a 2 hour drive from Kimberley) to Johannesburg and Cape Town are also available. We can arrange to fetch you from the airport.

Charter flights: can be arranged for those who would prefer the convenience of non-scheduled air travel.

Private plane: If you have your own aeroplane, we can arrange to fetch you at the Kimberley Airport. Avgas and Jet A1 are available at very reasonable prices and ATNS fees are lower than at many other much smaller airports.


From Johannesburg: Approximate Driving Time: 5 hours 6 mins, Total Distance: 504.4 km.
From Cape Town: Approximate Driving Time: 8 hours 55 mins, Total Distance: 954.7 km.
From Bloemfontein: Approximate Driving Time: 1 hours 42 mins, Total Distance: 164.9 km.


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